Global Document Capture, Management, & Verification Solutions

Document Capture & Management 

Document capture

Our D-CAMS (Document Capture and Management Systems) solution allows your customers to easily upload pictures of their relevant documents in the same browser tab, or snap pictures directly in the application. The images are uploaded to a secure portal where they can be reviewed and stored to maintain an audit trail for compliance purposes.

Just because this individual’s identity could not be digitally verified, doesn’t mean you have to reject their transaction or ask them to email a copy of their license and miss out on a purchase. Our D-CAMS solution empowers companies to capture and manage documents in real-time.

Document Validation Solutions

D-CAMS+Plus allows our customers to automate the validation part of this process. This solution attempts to verify the document in real-time, with no manual intervention. On the backend, you will have access to the documents for further review and an audit trail for compliance.

D-CAMS+Plus instantly verifies:

  • If the document is valid and current
  • The subject meets your age requirement (if necessary)
  • Details on the front match the data from the barcode
  • Data points on the front match information from the customer’s order form & account
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) for form autofill

If the document passes these rules, your customer’s account or order will be instantly updated as verified.

Even with the automation, the back end allows your company’s representatives to review documents flagged for manual review and update the status of the account. Once a status is changed manually, a callback will be made to your application to instantly update your customer’s account.

Document Validation

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Document Verification

Reduce Rejections

In both products, in the occurrence of a failed document, the modal will alert your customers, with fully customizable copy, and let them know why they failed the first attempt and encourage them to try again. If they do, the new document and details will be stored in a secure portal and their account updated, if they do not the original is stored for reporting and reviewing purposes.

Process Flow

Document Capture & Validation

Instantly validate a customer’s document

Manage documents that could not be instantly verified

Maintain an audit trail for compliance

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