Data Validation Solutions

Veratad improves your customer engagement and the quality of your data.

  • Reliably determine the validity of your customer data
  • Standardize your database
  • Implement via single API
  • Keep customers’ data completely private & secure

Veratad Keeps Your Data Accurate

The only way to connect with customers is through accurate, reliable contact information. But a significant amount of contact data that businesses collect is invalid. Veratad is here to help.

Improve the quality of your customer database by validating email, phone and address data against reliable sources. With more accurate information, you can improve customer outreach while reducing time and budget wasted on dead-end contacts.

Our Data Validation Solution

  • Reduces unnecessary email bounces
  • Increases engagement rates
  • Improves reputation with mailbox providers
  • Converts more leads into customers
  • Reaches more customers with less budget
  • Protects the customer experience

Level Up Your Customer Outreach

What’s the cost of 1,000 bounced emails? Or direct mailers sent to hundreds of wrong addresses? Marketing and customer outreach campaigns are only as successful as the quality of the databases behind them. Data validation enables you to gather real, accurate contact data at point of collection. You can then revalidate data at any time to ensure ongoing database accuracy. This prevents invalid contact details from ever entering your CRM.

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Integrate Turnkey Data Validation Into Your Workflows

With Veratad, you get the industry’s most flexible set of age, IDV, eIDV and data validation methods, backed by a team with almost two decades of experience helping companies like yours. And it’s deployed exactly how you need it with a simple single API integration. Get your data validation solution up and running quickly and easily.

Data Validation Features That Help Your Business

Email Data Validation Features

Based on billions of sent emails, Veratad performs a three-step email validation check for each verified email address. This includes a check against the mailbox provider to validate email addresses.

RFC spells out the formal rules for email addresses. But in the real world, it’s not that simple. ESPs (email service providers) sometimes accept addresses that aren’t RFC-valid and reject addresses that are. Veratad built its validator on both real-world data and RFC specifications to provide more accurate email validation.

Veratad’s email address validator also factors in custom ESP grammar. The integrated custom grammar checks for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and more. The tool also adds custom grammar checks once new rules are discovered.


Parse, validate, normalize and geocode addresses from 249 countries and territories in the world—in fractions of a second.

Unique Identifier

Each address is assigned a permanent durable ID for reseller prevention, velocity calculations, and data integrity.

Global Coverage

Validate addresses from any country in the world with unified representation of address fields across different countries and support for local language addresses.

Deliverable Address

Valid addresses are not always deliverable. Validate against official postal records for a given country or addressing area.


Leverage the precision of geo coordinates for business needs like tax calculations.

Parsing and Normalization

Receive consistent data across address format and global languages to better create model features.

Phone Data Validation Features

Find out if a phone number is valid, the type of line, the carrier, the country code and return a normalized version of the number.


Tells you if the phone number is a valid number or one that cannot be found in the sources.

List Type

Tells you if the number is Mobile, Landline, VoIP or Prepaid.


Lets you know which carrier this phone number belongs to.

Country Code

Clarifies what country the number is associated with.


Returns the valid format of the number with the country code.

Data Validation That Works.

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