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Complete verifiable consumer requests for data and get CCPA compliant.

CCPA Compliant Identity Verification

The California Consumer Privacy Act has transformed the landscape for privacy rights and protections. Companies that do business in California and meet certain threshold requirements will have to comply with CCPA by following strict regulations about collecting personal data. Verifying user identity for consumer requests is one of the primary compliance challenges for businesses.

Veratad’s identity verification solutions enable you to know with confidence that the person making the data request is the person they claim to be. This fulfills CCPA-mandated identity verification requirements while preventing fraudsters from accessing personal information.

What Does CCPA Mean For Your Business?

CCPA applies to businesses that operate online and collect personal data from Californians, regardless of whether or not that business is physically located in the state of California.

CCPA gives California residents more control over how businesses use and store their private data. In order to get CCPA compliant, your business must not only be able to verify the identity of people making data requests under the scope of the regulations but also be able to store and retrieve that data – all while preventing fraudsters from accessing it.

You need a solution with CCPA compliance built-in. Veratad’s IDResponse Platform ensures your business is CCPA compliant by giving you control over every step of verifying customer requests, in one API.

CCPA Compliance Software Integrations

Veratad’s identity verification technologies integrate into your compliance software with a single API. This delivers all of the verification methodologies your customers need to verify consumer requests.

Standalone CCPA Compliance Solutions

Verify consumer requests for data by integrating Veratad’s identity verification directly into your workflow. Leverage thousands of data sources and multiple verification methodologies to avoid business and ethical dilemmas while solving for CCPA-mandated requirements.

Get CCPA Compliant Quickly