Identity Verification for
Market Research

Increase accuracy in marketing and lead generation research by verifying subject identity.

Verify Your
Market Research

The quality of market research depends on the validity of self-reported data and identity information. Verifying this information can help marketing and research firms improve the quality of their data. Veratad helps firms improve research accuracy by verifying age and identify for panel member engagement and data acquisition projects.

Flexible Verification Methods

There are multiple ways to verify a panelist’s identity. Veratad offers flexible solutions that facilitate a seamless onboarding and verification process.

With Veratad’s adaptable solutions, you can maximize research accuracy and arm your clients with actionable data to make critical business decisions.

Versatile Panelist Authentication

Veratad solutions work with your workflow to provide the most efficient way to verify panelist identity. Integrate with existing systems to flag potentially inaccurate panelist information collected at the point of registration. Or use automation after collection to verify information accuracy.

Improve Data Accuracy

Market research is more accurate when you know who you’re basing your insights on. Veratad authenticates panelists with trusted and verified data sources providing the highest quality data. We supplement these data validation checks with best-in-class methods verification methods such as document verification and KBA. This helps you create actionable research that your clients trust.

Start Verifying
Your Participants