Advanced Identity Verification

Combat academic dishonesty and uphold institutional integrity with robust verification methods.

Go Beyond Compliance

If your institution receives Title IV funding, you already verify for distance learning. But the bare minimum for HEOA compliance isn’t enough to combat academic integrity violations. Simple methods like secure logins and exam proctoring are easy to circumvent.

Veratad’s robust verification methods help institutions protect the integrity of their e-learning programs. Create a fair and secure online learning environment by augmenting your current verification methods with knowledge-based questions and biometrics.

Flexible Verification Methods

There are multiple ways to verify a student’s identity. Veratad offers a flexible range of options so you can quickly and more easily meet complex institutional needs.

With Veratad’s flexible identify verification solutions, you can uphold your institutions academic integrity and stay HEOA compliant.

Authenticate Test Takers

Verify test takers by asking for authentication only they can provide. Unlike logins, students can’t share KBA and biometric verification. These methods document that the student who you authenticate is actually the one who takes the exam. With secure authentication, you’ll know that credit will only go to students who complete the work.

Reduce Integrity Violations

Academic dishonesty puts the integrity of your entire e-learning program at risk. Veratad helps you combat violations and uphold the academic integrity of your students, faculty and institution.

Start Verifying
Your Students