Virtual Identity Verification

Veratad’s IDMatch Identity Verification Service uses multiple trusted and verified data sources containing billions of nonpublic records to return an identity validation of your online customer in sub-second time while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy.

IDMatchsm Identity Verification Service Summary

In addition to verification of name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number, Veratad offers a suite of ID verification tools that include Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA), 2Factor Authentication, Document Validation and Location Verification; all can be implemented as an optional layer of security to assure your customer is who they say they are.

IDMatchsm Identity Verification Features and Benefits

IDMatch responsibly compares an online visitor’s data entry against billions of records from multiple trusted data sources empowering you to automate verification online.

veratad identity verification worldwide

Instantly Verifies Identity Worldwide

Veratad’s ID verification service incorporates data from multiple worldwide data sources in real-time. If you need to verify an identity, we have a solution.

Easy API Integration

Veratad’s JSON API allows for a seamless integration with your existing platform to convey trust and authority to your end user.

Easily deployed with other IDresponse Solutions

Put Veratad’s breath of experience to work for your company with our suite of IDresponse Solutions. We offer varied identity verification technologies allowing your team to accommodate a range of verification scenarios including Age Verification, Knowledge Based Authentication, 2 Factor Authentication, Document Capture & Management including authentication of a drivers license and other photo ID and Compliance Solutions.

veratad identity verification privacy

Requires ONLY Name and Address to Verify

Veratad’s advanced processing algorithm allows your team to verify an identity with minimal customer data resulting in higher match rates and higher customer satisfaction. Improve customer satisfaction by limiting the need for a drivers license or other photo ID.

Proprietary SSN Privacy Tool Cloaks Sensitive Personal Information

Your customers value privacy, and we get that. That’s why social security numbers and other more invasive forms of data are not often required to verify an individual’s identity.

Reporting Designed For End User Privacy

The end user is paramount. We are dedicated to crafting a welcoming user experience whether online or in person.

veratad identity verification privacy
veratad identity verification settings

Create Your Own Approval Rules

Craft verification rules specific to your individual needs or rely on our identity verification team to guide your setup with evidence-informed treatment.

Demonstrate You Are Serious About Due Diligence

We take ID verification seriously. Integrating Veratad’s IDresponse platform to your solution will demonstrate that you do too.

Reduces Risk Of Fraud and Charge-Backs

Veratad’s verification solutions add minimal impact to your existing sales processes allowing you to create an extra layer of protection for your company while limiting barriers to customer purchasing.

Comply with USA Patriot Act, OFAC, and Bank Secrecy Act

We understand the complexities of compliance. Veratad’s suite of IDresponse solutions has been designed to satisfy identity authentication regulations and meet the highest levels of compliance with US law.

IDMatchsm Identity Verification Delivery Options

Veratad Identity Verification APIXML-API / JSON (Process Automation with Existing Systems)
Veratad’s verification solutions are easily integrated with existing Point of Sale Software or Websites to seamlessly perform virtual identity verifications in “real time” via your choice of a Secure XML or JSON API.

Veratad Identity Verification Virtual TerminalVirtual Terminal (Call Center or In-Person)
Veratad offers an online “Virtual Terminal”.  Your businesses representatives have access to all verification functionality via secure web access.

Veratad Identity Verification Batch ProcessingBatch Processing (Automated Secure Batch Services)
Veratad offers a secure online “Batch File Service” for businesses looking for verification that does not require real time responses.

Veratad’s ID Verification Customers

Veratad’s Identity Verification customers include some of the world’s best known corporations that use our solutions to reduce the risk of fraud, comply with financial regulatory requirements, provide a safer online experience and act with a greater sense of social responsibility. Here are a few examples of the clients we serve:

Financial Services

Banks, Credit Unions, Card Issuers

Insurance Services

Online Education


Online Gaming

Government Agencies

Payment Processors




Social Networks

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