Identity Verification Done Your Way

Automate your identity verification workflows with the world’s most flexible IDV/eIDV service provider.

  • Reliably verify 5B+ individuals within any process or workflow
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Orchestrate custom verification journeys without custom code
  • Simplify KYC & AML compliance, age verification and more
  • Keep customers’ data completely private & secure

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The World's Most Flexible Identity Verification Solution

Protecting your business from fraud, liability and regulatory penalties is challenging. Bad actors are getting more sophisticated. Shouldn’t your online identity verification solution keep up.

Veratad makes it easy to build robust user verification into your existing workflows and tech stack. Only our platforms let you connect instantly with the world’s top identity data and service providers, then orchestrate, test and scale verification journeys with no code. From simple eCommerce checkouts to complex, multi-system onboarding flows, Veratad delivers security, surety and a best-in-class user experience.

Create Your Own Custom Identity Verification Workflows

Our industry-leading IDV platform integrates your tech with the industry’s largest set of service providers through a single API connection. That means you have instant, no-code access to biometrics, data, documents, out-of-wallet challenges and more – in any combination you choose.

Build verification components to your exact specifications. Drag and drop customer journeys, including escalation points. Use AI to A/B test workflows, maximizing success rates and minimizing drop-off. Veratad puts it all at your fingertips.

Thrill Users by Delivering the Perfect Customer Experience

You work hard on CX. You know that every customer touchpoint matters. Why should your identity verification system act any different?

Veratad’s identity verification solution delivers what we call “intelligent friction.” That means the verification step in your transaction or onboarding workflow feels completely natural to the customer. They’re left with confidence that you’re keeping them and their data safe, without being annoyed at having to jump through unnecessary hoops. Meanwhile, you achieve full regulatory compliance and fraud mitigation, with the ability to tweak and tune journeys on the fly.

Integrated eIDV & IDV Tech

Forget the days of integrating and managing multiple providers. Veratad seamlessly integrates best-in-class IDtech with your existing systems. Our state-of-the-art IDResponse verification platform handles the heavy lifting, while delivering near-perfect uptime. It’s plug-and-play access to the best in eIDV and IDV, right from your existing IT environment.

Meet Age Regulatory Requirements No Matter Where You Do Business

Compliance with regulations like anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC) and know your patient (KYP) is never turnkey. Staying on the right side of the rules requires planning, vigilance … and best-in-class online identity verification software.

By offering transparent workflows and seamless access to the world’s most complete identity databases, Veratad helps you comply with KYC, FFEIC BSA/AML, OFAC, PEPS, CCPA, GDPR and more.

The World's Most Flexible Identity Verification Solution

Secure Online Identity Verification Software

Let Veratad show you what rapid, flexible and integrated identity verification can do for your business. Request your personalized demo today!

Identity Verification: Frequently Asked Questions​

Identity verification is the process by which a company or institution ensures a person is who they say they are. This is important for tasks like onboarding (e.g., opening a bank account, applying for a loan or starting with a new healthcare provider). Identity verification is also critical for online sellers, particularly those with age-restricted products or high-value goods.

Online identity verification allows companies or institutions to check user identity using digital tools. These include data from credit bureaus and motor vehicle departments, identity documents (e.g., driver’s licenses), facial biometrics, out-of-wallet challenge questions (aka KBA), and two-factor or multifactor authentication. ID verification providers like Veratad automate these workflows, ensuring users can prove their identity with minimal hassle.

There is no single best way to verify identity. Every situation is different. When stakes are relatively low, simple checks can suffice. In business- or mission-critical situations, however, multiple layers of surety and security are required, leading to more robust ID assurance processes. Ultimately, the “best way to verify identity” is the way that fits with the need at hand.

Identity verification platforms, like Veratad, allow a company or institution’s systems to interface with identity data and service providers. This saves the organization the cost and hassle of building ID workflows and integrations from scratch, as well as having to manage multiple vendor relationships.

More and more identity verification vendors hit the market every year. Typically, however, established solutions like Veratad, Trulioo, Jumio and IDology are listed among the top identity verification software companies. Of these, Veratad, a privately held company, has the most experience in the space.

Every app, store or company makes its own identity verification processes. This is typically built in to an onboarding or purchase process. There is no single place to call to “verify your identity online.”

If you run into identity verification problems online, we recommend you contact the customer service line of the business or organization you’re dealing with.

In some cases, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires an individual’s identity be verified. This is sometimes indicated by a 5071c letter. IRS identity verification is not a service Veratad provides, and we cannot return messages requesting it. The IRS Identity and Tax Return Verification Service can be found here.

Unemployment identity verification is handled through each state’s unemployment office. The Department of Labor provides a list of services here.

Businesses can request a demo of Veratad’s identity verification platforms here. If you’re an individual who needs help verifying your identity, please contact the company you are or wish to be doing business with.