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Veratad’s IDMatch uses multiple trusted and verified data sources containing billions of nonpublic records to return an identity validation of your online customer in real-time while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy. 

In addition to verification of name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number, Veratad offers a full suite of ID verification tools that include Knowledge-based Authentication, 2Factor Authentication, Document Validation and more. All of our solutions can be individually implemented as an additional layer of security to your existing processes or together for a complete layered identity verification solution.

IDMatch Features & Benefits

Instantly Verifies ID Worldwide

Veratad’s ID verification service incorporates data from multiple worldwide data sources in real-time. Also, we verify identities in 25+ tier one countries in multiple languages. Furthermore, if the initial attempt to verify an individual fails, you have the option to escalate to one of our other identity verification solutions.

Reduces Risk of Fraud and Chargebacks

Our ID verification solutions add minimal friction to your existing onboarding or checkout process. In addition, this added layer of security demonstrates that you’re serious about due diligence and your compliance efforts.

An Alternative to Collecting SSN

IDR Calc is our patented privacy tool that prompts your customers to complete a mathematical equation based on his or her SSN for identity verification. Furthermore, this less invasive option offers you the same trust that’s gained from receiving an SSN while easing customer friction.

Advanced Compliance Solutions

We understand the complexities of compliance. Our suite of identity verification solutions have been designed to satisfy identity authentication regulations and meet the highest levels of compliance with regulations including the USA Patriot Act, OFAC, and Bank Secrecy Act.

ID Verification Designed for End Users

We designed our identity verification products with your customers in mind. Overall, we created a seamless user experience with intelligent friction that helps foster trust between you and your customer. Also, you have the option to automate your second attempt to verify an individual or complete the escalation manually.

Create Your Own Approval Rules

You can create your own verification rules specific to your company’s needs. In addition, you have our identity verification implementations team to guide your setup to follow industry best practices for identity verification solutions and escalations.

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