Global identify verification with Veratad helps you get compliant, fight fraud, and remove friction from your onboarding.

Know Your Customer.
Reduce Your Risk.

Companies that do businesses online need a way to protect themselves from fraud, liability and regulatory penalties. Our IDResponse® platform provides a flexible way for you to verify who your customer is. We streamline onboarding by using the customer information you’re already collecting along with supplementary document capture and biometrics. This protects your business while reducing customer friction. Verify customer identity in real time.

Flexible Verification Methods

There are multiple ways to verify an identity. The traditional way of matching customer provided personal data to trustworthy databases is often the most efficient and cost-effective way. For businesses that require flexibility or higher confidence levels, we provide advanced methods of verification:

We also have a proprietary privacy tool that prompts customers to verify their identity by completing a mathematical equation based on their SSN. By adding flexibility to your transactions, we deliver the same trust that’s gained from receiving an SSN while easing customer friction.

Frictionless User Experience

We provide a seamless user experience with intelligent friction that fosters trust between you and your customer. Veratad enables you to automate your second verification attempt or to complete the escalation manually. PhoneMatch℠ two-factor authentication and IDMatch+℠ knowledge-based authentication add extra layers of surety, if necessary.

Create Your Own (Approval) Rules

Veratad enables you to set your own verification rules based on your company’s needs and risk tolerance. Our implementation team guides you through setup to follow industry best practices for identity verification solutions and escalations.

Start Verifying
Your Customers