Identity Verification

Verify customer identity and get compliant without ruining the onboarding process.

Verify Billions of
Customers in Seconds

It’s never been more important for eCommerce sellers to validate transactions. But if you’re going to verify your customers, the process has to be fast. Veratad lets online sellers validate name, address, date of birth and SSN in seconds. For transactions that require higher confidence levels, our automated systems can verify documents, biometrics and more in an instant.

Flexible Verification Methods

There are multiple ways to verify a customer’s identity. Veratad offers a flexible range of options so you can use the exact solution you need for your onboarding process.

With Veratad’s versatile solutions, you can prevent fraud and unauthorized access to age-restricted products without slowing down transactions.

Our Two-Factor Authentication

Our two-factor verification solutions provide a secure way to administer access. They can also be used as intelligent friction that only deploys when further identity verification is needed based on your company’s unique requirements.

Custom Solutions for Every Industry

Online sellers around the world use Veratad to develop solutions for unique challenges. This includes providing fast and highly secure solutions for high-priority transactions. Verify sales of wine, e-cigarettes, high valued items, online jewelry, automobiles, equipment rentals, furniture, electronics and more.

Start Verifying
Your Customers