Identity Verification

Prevent fraud and streamline customer onboarding with robust verification methods.

Verify Billions of Customersin Seconds

As fraud becomes more frequent and sophisticated, retailers are turning to identity verification to protect brick and mortar transactions. Veratad helps retailers validate customer identity in seconds, stopping fraud at the door. And if you require higher confidence levels on transactions, our automated systems can verify documents, biometrics and more in an instant.

Flexible Verification Methods

There are multiple ways to verify a customer’s identity. Veratad offers a flexible range of options so you can use the exact solution you need for your onboarding process.

With Veratad’s versatile solutions, you can prevent fraud and get compliant without slowing down transactions.

Custom Solutions for Every Industry

Brick and mortar retailers around the world use Veratad solutions to verify and secure a wide variety of transactions. Verify age and identity for sales for furniture, electronics, e-cigarettes, high valued items, jewelry, vehicles, equipment rentals, mobile phones and more.

Manage Credit Compliance Liability

Retailers extending credit have compliance obligations including FACTA, USA PATRIOT Act and Know Your Customer (KYC). Veratad identity verification solutions enhance compliance efforts while helping you prevent identity theft and fraud.

Start Verifying
Your Customers