Veratad Solutions

Veratad’s IDresponse® suite of verification and compliance solutions, offer a powerful and innovative approach to knowing your online customers.  Whether deployed as stand-alone or in combination, these technologies are all designed to increase profits, reduce costs, prevent fraud and enhance compliance efforts.

Veratad’s IDresponse® Suite of  Solutions

Age Verification

Protect your business and your customers by preventing unauthorized access to age-restricted merchandise and content.

Identity Verification

Real-time Online Virtual Identity Verification in just seconds for over 3 billion citizens Worldwide.

Document Verification

Veratad’s D-CAMS Document Capture and Management SaaS, streamlines upload and management of identity documents.

2Factor Authentication

“Out-of-Band” multi-factor authentication authenticates individuals and employees or authorizes transactions in real-time.

Fraud Prevention

Veratad combines machine learning technology with special data elements from online transactions to prevent fraud.

Knowledge Based Authentication

“Out-of-Wallet” challenge questions add an extra layer of security and assurance that an online customer is who they say they are.

Compliance Solutions

Protect your business, avoid costly fines, prevent crime such as terrorism, money laundering and ID theft.