Identity Verification Solutions

One Platform for All Your Identity Verification Solutions

Get compliant, fight fraud and remove friction from your onboarding with Veratad’s IDresponse℠— a trusted global identity verification platform for businesses.

Customer Identity Verification Solutions

IDresponse provides the right mix of global databases, document verification, KBA, 2FA and more, to deliver the solution you need in a single API.


Prevent unauthorized access to age-restricted merchandise and content.


Verify customer identity for over 5 billion people worldwide.


Build trust with business partners and enhance “Know Your Business” KYB compliance.


Stop online fraud and onboard more good customers.


Protect your valuable reputation and avoid costly government-imposed penalties.


Increase customer insight and profits.

Protect Your Business Without Burdening Your Customers

How can companies that do business online protect themselves from fraud, liability and regulatory penalties—without getting in their customers’ way? By using Veratad’s IDresponse platform. With flexible verification tools, leverage the customer information you’re already collecting and supplement with document capture and biometrics to identify and verify your customers’ identities in real-time. Protection goes up, while customer friction goes down.

How IDresponse Works

There are multiple ways to verify an identity. The traditional way of matching customer-provided personal data to trustworthy databases is often the most efficient and cost-effective way. For businesses that require flexibility or higher confidence levels, IDresponse provides advanced methods of verification, including:

Identity Data Verification

Protect Your Business Without Burdening Your CustomersCompare individual customer information against billions of records from top data sources worldwide in real-time.

Identity Data

ID Document Verification

Automate collection and verification of driver’s license, passport, and other ID documents.

Smart Two-Factor Authentification

Go beyond “something you know and something you have” to include assurance that the “what you have” actually belongs to your customer.

Device fingerprint


Check that your customer is who they say they are and verify that their ID document is a match using liveness and facial match technologies.

Knowledge-Based Authentication

Verify customers are who they say they are using multiple choice questions as an added layer of security.

Proprietary Privacy Tool

Prompt customers to verify their identity by completing a mathematical equation based on their SSN.

IDresponse Platform

A company’s verification efforts are only as effective as the technology behind it. Veratad delivers a diverse suite of identity solutions supported by our proprietary IDresponse℠ Processing Platform. This secure platform provides all the reliability, scalability and flexibility your business needs to start verifying.

Frictionless User Experience

Comply with strict KYC regulations while preventing money laundering and removing onboarding friction.

Custom Approval Rules

Create your own verification rules based on your company’s needs, risk tolerance or regional regulations.

Expert Support

Veratad’s implementation team guides you through setup to follow industry best practices for identity verification solutions and escalations.

Verification Escalation

Automate additional verification steps or build out a manual escalation process.

Global Coverage

IDresponse has verified over 100 million individuals worldwide.

Start Verifying Your Customers

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