Global Business Verification

Business verification with Veratad, powered by the IDresponse℠ Platform, helps you get compliant, fight fraud and remove friction from your onboarding.

Know Your Business. Reduce Your Risk.

There are thousands of fake companies that want to defraud your business. Prevent identity theft, combat fraud and get KYB compliant with robust business verification. Veratad’s business verification solutions provide a flexible way for you to verify businesses without ruining the customer experience.

KYB/AML Compliance Made Simple

Banks and other financial institutions need a cost-effective way to comply with KYC laws and protect themselves and customers from money laundering, fraud and more. Veratad’s business verification solution provides a flexible way for you to verify customers and get KYC, KYB and AML compliant.

Seamless User Experience

We provide a user experience with intelligent friction that fosters trust between you and your customer. Veratad’s IDresponse℠ Platform enables you to automate your second verification attempt or to complete the escalation manually. Get the best of both worlds with a seamless and secure business verification process.

Create Your Own (Approval) Rules

Veratad enables you to set your own verification rules based on your company’s needs and risk tolerance. Our implementation team guides you through setup to follow industry best practices for identity verification solutions and escalations.

Backed by the Most Flexible Verification Platform

Authenticating a business requires a flexible approach to identity verification. That process is easier and more effective than ever thanks to the IDresponse℠ Platform. Veratad works with you to combine business data and flexible verification methods to create the exact solution and confidence levels you need.

Verifying the businesses you work with doesn’t have to put financial strain on your institution. Veratad provides solutions that help businesses of all sizes efficiently verify businesses so transactions never slow down.

Start Verifying Your Customers

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