Global Business Verification

Instantly verify the identity and legitimacy of any business using Veratad’s proven suite of business verification tools – all delivered in a no-code orchestration platform.

  • Reliably gather accurate business data
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Orchestrate custom verification journeys without custom code
  • Utilize data, documents, biometrics & more – as you see fit
  • Set custom business rules and certainty thresholds
  • Keep customers’ data private & secure

Use Data & Insights to Truly “Know Your Business”

With thousands of fake companies that want to defraud your business, how can you make sure that the companies you’re onboarding are legitimate ventures? Veratad’s business verification solutions in our VX Platform provide a flexible way to verify securely without creating unnecessary friction that could ruin a profitable deal. 

Ensure your partners are not false fronts for money laundering and corruption, and protect your business from fraud and compliance liability. Veratad’s Business Verification solutions make it easier to address KYB compliance at any level.

Integrate Best-In-Class Online Business Verification Tech

Business verification is more than checking a box. With Veratad, you get the industry’s most flexible set of business verification methods, delivered in a no-code orchestration platform and backed by a team with almost two decades of experience helping companies like yours. And it’s deployed exactly how you need it. Verifying businesses and proper due diligence is too important to leave to chance. With Veratad in your corner, you’ll never have to.

Make KYB Compliance the Easiest Part

Our business verification solutions come with KYB, KYC and AML compliance out of the box. This allows you to avoid costly fines and other penalties, no matter where you do business. Stay ready with retrievable historical data that makes regulatory reporting easy.

Build Verification & Due Diligence Workflows that Fit Your Business

Added layers of security will help your organization reduce chargebacks, detect fraudulent activity and accept more profitable business online.

Don't Cut Corners with Business Verification

Business verification is too critical to leave to a provider with an “out-of-the-box” solution. Veratad VX includes a suite of flexible business verification methods from the industry’s best providers and data sources.

Secure Online Business Verification

Let Veratad show you what our VX and our suite of secure, global business verification methods can do for your business. Create a solution that works around your due diligence process. Not the other way around.

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