Identity Verification

Combat fraud and medical identity theft with robust verification methods.

Authenticate Patients
in Seconds

With the growing adoption of telemedicine, verifying patient identity has never been more important. But the bare minimum of secure logins and signatures aren’t enough to fight fraud. Veratad’s robust verification methods help institutions provide high-quality patient care while catching fraud and medical identity theft during registration or checkout.

Flexible Verification Methods

Veratad offers a flexible range of options that help you prevent fraud without impeding patient care. So, you can verify more patients at high confidence levels. But still maintain the same standard of care.

With Veratad’s flexible verification solutions, you can stay HIPAA-compliant and catch fraud incidents before they impact your collections workflows.

Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle

Accelerate the revenue cycle by ensuring accurate patient demographic information at the point of registration. We’ve helped hospitals, online pharmacies, software providers and medical billing systems nationwide validate patient identity to improve revenue cycle management.

Prevent Medical Identity Theft

Veratad’s identity verification solutions integrate with your existing systems to proactively flag inaccurate patient information collected at the point of registration or at billing. This avoids costly collection efforts and HIPAA violations.

Start Verifying
Your Patients