Veratad VX: No-Code Verification Journey Orchestration Platform

An easy-to-use platform that lets you create bespoke end-to-end verification journeys through a simple drag and drop experience.

  • Reliably verify 5 billion+ individuals within any process or workflow
  • Orchestrate and deploy customer journeys without writing code
  • Integrate with leading data providers, document services & more through a single API connection
  • Simplify KYC & AML compliance, age verification & more
  • Keep customers’ data completely private & secure

Robust Age & Identity Verification Without the Need for Robust Code

VX makes it easy to build robust user verification into your existing workflows and tech stack. Only our platforms let you connect instantly with the world’s top identity data and service providers, then orchestrate, test and scale verification journeys with no code. From simple eCommerce checkouts to complex, multi-system onboarding flows, Veratad delivers security, surety and a best-in-class user experience.

Trusted By Leading Brands Worldwide

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If CX Matters, VX is a Must.

Veratad VX makes it easy to deliver personalized verification journeys that minimize onboarding and purchase friction. All while ensuring security and preventing fraud.

Build The Right Journey

VX comes ready with proven community verification templates built by leaders in your industry. Or you can orchestrate bespoke verification workflows to suit your business needs. Automate testing and deployment in the real world. Understand and act on evolving consumer behavior and risk signals with in-depth reporting and analytics.

Don’t Let Verification Get in the Way

You’ve worked hard to build marketing funnels and customer journeys that work for your audience. A verification step shouldn’t be any different. Deliver personalized journeys that minimize onboarding or purchase friction while ensuring security and preventing fraud.

VX Gives You The Power

Leverage the Best Methods and Providers

Leverage the industry-leading power of our IDR5 verification engine. Get access to best-in-breed technology through a single integration. No point solutions, no calling multiple vendors – just everything you need to prevent fraud, stay compliant and thrill your customers.

Deploy VX Without
the Hassle

VX lets you deploy with an SDK, or integrate it using a RESTful JSON API. Our SDKs come with responsive, customizable screens pre-configured for every customer journey.

Build Complex Journeys Without Any Code

Create sophisticated customer workflows without ever touching a line of code. Data sources and providers are pre-integrated with the platform, allowing you to choose from a set of journey templates or build your own from scratch without any need for engineers.

Tweak and Tune to Increase Conversions

Get up-to-the-minute insight into customer behavior and drop-off points thanks to a powerful reporting and analytics dashboard. Tune your journeys to maximize success rates and remove roadblocks with A/B/n testing and device and geo-targeting. VX lets you create truly personalized workflows.

See How Veratad VX Can Work With Your Workflows

Take the first step to better conversion rates and fewer drop-offs by signing up for a personalized demo of Veratad VX.