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Verify data subject asset requests and get GDPR compliant.

Fast, Secure Identity Verification in the EU

The General Data Protection Regulation has transformed the landscape for privacy rights and protections. Companies that collect data on citizens in the European Union will have to comply with GDPR by following strict regulations about collecting personal data. Verifying a user’s identity is one of the primary challenges for teams completing GDPR data subject asset requests.

Veratad’s identity verification solutions enable you to know with confidence that the person making the data request is the person they claim to be. This fulfills GDPR-mandated identity verification requirements while preventing fraudsters from accessing personal information.

What is GDPR Compliance?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law that gives European Union (EU) consumers more control over the personal information that businesses collect about them. Companies that collect or hold personal data on EU data subjects and meet certain threshold requirements must comply with GDPR by following strict regulations about collecting personal data.

What Does GDPR Mean For Your Business?

Businesses that fail to GDPR compliant can expect steep regulatory penalties.

Under GDPR, consumers have the right to make data access requests as well as make requests for you to delete personal information. And you’ll need to run these requests and provide all of this information free of charge. For firms with a considerable GDPR footprint, the costs of processing thousands of requests can add up.

GDPR Compliance Software Integrations

Veratad’s identity verification technologies integrate into your compliance software with a single API. This delivers all of the verification methodologies your customers need to verify user identity for data asset subject requests.

Standalone GDPR Compliance Solutions

Verify consumer requests for data by integrating Veratad’s identity verification directly into your workflow. Leverage thousands of data sources and multiple verification methodologies to avoid business and ethical dilemmas while solving for GDPR-mandated requirements.

Tons Of Verification Methods – One API


Verify customers with automated ID document capture & verification that includes an optional manual document review.


Verify customers with knowledge-based authentication (KBA) multiple choice “out of wallet” question sets.


Secure IT infrastructure and protect against account takeovers with two-factor out-of-band authentication (2FA).


Verify customers with fast, global and cost-effective age and identity verification based on trusted and verified data for over 3B citizens worldwide.


Leverage ID verification and 2FA for the highest level of surety in customer onboarding.

Device fingerprint


Add a layer of biometric authentication alongside your verified identity documents with liveness and selfie checks.

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