Biometric Identity Verification

Verify more customers at higher confidence levels with AI-powered biometrics.


Authenticate Biometric Data
in Seconds

Companies that do business online need a way to protect themselves from fraud, liability and regulatory penalties. And while data validation and other methods are often effective, sometimes they’re not enough. Veratad’s biometric identity verification provides confident reads that verify customer identities in an instant. Use as a high-confidence, standalone method, or with other verification solutions.

Secure, Seamless Authentication

For businesses that require higher confidence levels or flexibility, Veratad’s biometric verification solutions provide fast, secure and cost-effective reads.

Capture customer
biometric data

Upload and process in
a secure portal

Maintain an audit trail
for compliance

Customers can easily take selfies and record snapshots online or directly in application via SDK. The biometric data is uploaded to a secure portal where it can be reviewed against pictures in identity documents. We then assign a confidence level score to the transaction and maintain an audit trail for compliance purposes.

Reduce Rejected Transactions

Sometimes a valid customer’s identity cannot be verified with a traditional database. Veratad’s biometric authentication provides a more robust method to verify customers that fail against other methods. This enables you to onboard more customers and reject fewer legitimate transactions.

Enhance Security and Compliance

Biometrics provide a higher level of security than passwords and other access methods. This helps protect user accounts from takeovers without adding friction to the user experience.

Start Verifying
Your Customers