Intelligent Identity Verification for Customer Onboarding

Incorporate a seamless and secure verification journey into your digital onboarding process – without adding unnecessary friction for customers.

  • Leverage intelligent friction to verify identity without harming the customer experience.
  • Orchestrate bespoke digital verification journeys without the need for custom code.
  • Safeguard customer data with robust privacy measures.

Fast, Secure Digital Onboarding. Powerful Verification

Too many onboarding processes sacrifice critical fraud and data privacy protection in the name of providing a frictionless experience. With Veratad’s flexible combination of verification methods, you don’t have to. Validate qualified customers, filter out bad actors and high-risk prospects, and deliver a positive experience that doesn’t frustrate your customers.

Onboard Customers Using Methods that Streamline their Journey

Seamlessly incorporate the industry’s most flexible collection of verification methods, including identity documents, data, KBA, Smart 2FA, and biometrics, in any desired combination. Implement and deploy our platform using a single API or orchestrate your own custom verification journeys using Veratad VX.

Prevent Fraud & Bad Actors from Harming Your Business

An effective onboarding workflow provides customers with an efficient, streamlined experience, while simultaneously instilling confidence that their personal and financial information remain secure. Veratad’s flexible combination of verification methods allow you to intelligently deploy the security-related friction in your onboarding process. So, you can protect against fraud and foster increased trust among your users without negatively impacting their experience.

Onboarding ID Verification with Unparalleled Flexibility

Veratad offers a comprehensive suite of robust identity verification methods. Each method is highly customizable and can be seamlessly integrated with other methods, enabling you to design flexible verification workflows that facilitate smooth transactional processes without compromising compliance requirements.

See What a Better Onboarding Journey Looks Like

See what Veratad’s identity verification platform can do for your onboarding workflows. Request a personalized demo today.