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Comply with strict KYB regulations while preventing money laundering and removing onboarding friction.

Know Your Business.
Know Your Risk.

Know Your Business (KYB) laws and regulations require financial institutions to verify customers and clients before conducting business. But doing it properly requires a great deal of due diligence and can be resource-intensive without help.

Financial service and technology providers need a cost-effective way to comply with KYB laws and protect themselves and customers from money laundering, fraud and more. Veratad’s identity verification solution provides a flexible way for you to verify your customers and get KYB compliant. 

Level Up Your KYB Compliance

There are thousands of fake companies that want to defraud your business. Customer identification procedures are the backbone of an effective KYB policy.

Veratad strengthens your KYB enforcement by verifying registration credentials, location and UBOs (ultimate beneficial owners). We then screen against reputable blacklists and grey lists, including OFAC, sanctions, Politically Exposed Person datasets and more. 

Identity verification with Veratad reliably identifies users and is an effective tool in preventing money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption. The end result is cost-effective, dependable KYB compliance that protects your business from fraud and regulatory exposure.

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