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In the fast-paced digital world, Veratad Technologies continues to lead the way in identity verification solutions. We’re proud to introduce ‘IDMax’ – our latest innovation in the Veratad VX platform. IDMax is designed to streamline and secure the customer onboarding process by leveraging reusable digital identity credentials.

Reusable Identity Partners

Seamlessly accept multiple forms of digital IDs issued by governments, banks, and trusted private entities.

Why Choose IDMax?

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Enhanced Flexibility

With IDMax, onboard your customers using a wide array of digital identity credentials, including those issued by governments, banks, and trusted private entities.

Improved Efficiency

Speed up the verification process while maintaining the highest security standards, ensuring a swift and smooth customer experience.

Seamless Integration

IDMax easily integrates with our existing suite of verification tools, including identity data verification, document verification, mobile, 2Factor, KBA, and biometrics.

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Trusted Security

Rely on the robust security framework of Veratad VX, enhanced with the addition of IDMax to protect both your business and your customers.

How IDMax Works

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Your customers can use their existing digital identity credentials for verification.

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IDMax quickly and accurately verifies the credentials against trusted sources.

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Receive real-time verification results, enabling immediate and secure customer onboarding.

IDMax in Action

IDMax is perfect for a variety of industries, including financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. Whether you’re verifying a new customer’s age or confirming an existing customer’s identity, IDMax provides a seamless, secure, and efficient solution.

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