Red Flags Rule
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Prevent identity theft with rapid and secure
identity verification.

Red Flags Rule Automated Identity Theft Prevention

Financial institutions and other businesses affected by the Red Flags Rule need to develop, implement and administer a reliable way to prevent identity theft. The backbone of developing a robust identity theft prevention program is finding an accurate way to verify the identity of your customers. Veratad’s identity verification solutions leverage trusted global databases and robust methods that help you verify users and automate the detection of fraudulent actors.

With a streamlined way to know your customers, detecting, preventing and reporting identity theft attempts is easier and more cost-effective than ever.

How Do You Get Red Flags Rule Compliant?

In order to get Red Flags Rule Compliant, you need a reliable way to verify your customer’s identity. Veratad has a wide range of compliance methods, all available in a single API. These solutions are easy to implement and easy to scale, so you can start verifying your customers without interrupting your onboarding cycle.


Verify customers with automated ID document capture & verification that includes an optional manual document review.


Verify customers with knowledge-based authentication (KBA) multiple choice “out of wallet” question sets.


Secure IT infrastructure and protect against account takeovers with two-factor out-of-band authentication (2FA).


Verify customers with fast, global and cost-effective age and identity verification based on trusted and verified data for over 3B citizens worldwide.


Leverage ID verification and 2FA for the highest level of surety in customer onboarding.

Device fingerprint


Add a layer of biometric authentication alongside your verified identity documents with liveness and selfie checks.

Demonstrate Full Compliance

Veratad’s API is designed to deliver a high confidence verification of users and combat identity theft. This helps you demonstrate the highest levels of compliance, due diligence and social responsibility to users and regulatory agencies.

Start Verifying
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