Online Fraud Detection & Prevention Solutions

Fraud is an existential threat to any business. Don’t risk your reputation and revenue. Protect your customers and your business with Veratad’s fraud prevention solutions – available on the VX Platform.

  • Reliably detect and prevent fraud
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Orchestrate custom verification and fraud prevention journeys without custom code
  • Utilize data, documents, biometrics & more – as you see fit
  • Set custom business rules and certainty thresholds
  • Keep customers’ data completely private & secure

Identity Verification that Stops Fraud Before It Starts

As fraudulent actors get more sophisticated, the Veratad VX Platform helps you keep up. Detect and prevent fraudulent activity before it can harm your business. Our solutions complement your fraud prevention efforts by leveraging machine learning technology and special data elements from online transactions. Veratad VX gives you access to the most robust suite of identity verification methods and data sources in the industry. From simple purchases to complex, business-critical, multi-system onboarding workflows, VX allows you to prevent fraud while maintaining best-in-class CX.

Prevent Fraud with Best-In-Class Age, IDV & eIDV Tech

Too many apps, form and splash page vendors and eCommerce plugins offer a simplistic view of identity and age verification. Solutions that only check a box won’t cut it. With Veratad, you get the industry’s most flexible set of age, IDV and eIDV methods, delivered in a no-code orchestration platform and backed by a team with almost two decades of experience helping companies like yours. And it’s deployed exactly how you need it.

Build Fraud Prevention Workflows Around Your Business Processes

Veratad VX empowers you to build fraud detection workflows that meet your exact needs. Don’t add unnecessary friction or slow down your onboarding or checkout. Don’t create complications for your IT team. Build flexible, multilayered workflows with “pass,” “fail” and “escalate” outcomes exactly where you want them.

Need a hand? Our implementation team is the most experienced in the industry. They’re happy to guide you through setup, best practices and situation-specific tips.

Reuce Risk of Fraud & Chargebacks

Added layers of security will help your organization reduce chargebacks, detect fraudulent activity and accept more profitable business online.

Fraud Prevention Methods That Work

Our fraud-fighting databases consist of more than just names, addresses and IP addresses. We compare your customers’ profiles against our databases to predict and prevent fraud for both customer onboarding and account takeovers.

The enhanced data points we use to calculate risk include:

Secure Online Fraud Prevention

Let Veratad show you what our suite of identity verification tools can do to help your business detect and prevent fraud.

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