Data Verification

Get fast, cost-effective customer identity data verification with global data sources.

Identity Verification for
5B+ Citizens

Companies that do business online need a more reliable way to protect themselves from fraud, liability and regulatory penalties. For many transactions, validating user-provided data, like name, address and SSN, is the fastest and most cost-effective option.

Veratad’s IDMatch℠ solution lets you verify customer identity or age with trusted and verified data sources that cover over 5 billion citizens. Use it on its own as a fast and accurate standalone method, or combined with other advanced verification methods.

Create Your Own (Approval) Rules

Veratad enables you to set your own data validation rules based on your company’s needs and risk tolerance. Our implementation team guides you through setup to follow industry best practices for ID data verification and escalations.

Seamless User Experience

We provide a user experience with intelligent friction that fosters trust between you and your customer. Veratad enables you to automate your second verification attempt or to complete the escalation manually.

Frictionless UX

Start Verifying
Your Customers