Flexible, Secure Age Verification

Orchestrate customer age checks and ensure compliance with the industry’s most flexible online age verification solution.

  • Reliably verify age within any business process or workflow
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Orchestrate custom age verification journeys without custom code
  • Utilize data, documents, biometrics & more – as you see fit
  • Set custom business rules and certainty thresholds
  • Keep customers’ data completely private & secure

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Rapid, Responsible Age Verification Without Ruining Customer Experience

Shielding minors from age-restricted materials and maintaining strict regulatory compliance is tricky. Simply confirming that an of-age individual is associated with an account or address is often insufficient. Defensible due diligence and fraud prevention require a smarter form of verification – one that provides a consistent level of certainty without hindering the customer experience.

An online age verification orchestration platform is the answer. Veratad VX offers the industry’s most flexible and capable age verification methods to any company that deals with age-restricted content. These include identity data matching, document verification, biometrics, out-of-wallet challenges, Smart 2FA℠ two-factor authentication, and more. There’s even a proprietary privacy tool that prompts customers to verify age and identity by completing a mathematical equation based on their Social Security Number, without ever having to handle the real SSN.

Build bespoke age verification journeys in minutes, without a single line of code. Turn away underage consumers without harming customer experience and conversion rates. From simple purchases to business-critical, multi-system customer loyalty rewards workflows, get a better way to verify age for any business.

Integrate the Very Best in
Age, IDV & eIDV Tech

Too many apps, form and splash page vendors and eCommerce plugins offer a simplistic view of identity and age verification. Solutions that only check a box won’t cut it. With Veratad, you get the industry’s most flexible set of age, IDV and eIDV methods, backed by a team with almost two decades of experience helping companies like yours. And our age verification solution is deployed exactly how you need it.

Keep the User Experience Smooth for Age-Appropriate Customers

Build an age verification processes that meets your exact needs. Don’t add unnecessary friction or slow down your onboarding or checkout. Don’t create complications for your IT team. Build decisioning workflows that really work with a simple drag-and-drop orchestration experience. If you ever have questions, our implementation team is the most experienced in the industry. They’re happy to guide you through setup, best practices and situation-specific tips.

Don't Cut Corners With Age Verification

Veratad is trusted for online age verification by leaders in online gaming, retail, eCommerce and age-restricted content. From internet tobacco sellers and vape suppliers to legal cannabis retailers and casinos, we power mission-critical functions for the web’s elite.

Our secret is the ability to provide a completely customizable mix of age and identity verification methods and products through a single API. Once connected, you can build verification workflows that fit your IT environment, workflows and UX demands perfectly thanks to a no-code, drag-and-drop orchestration experience.

Knowing that an individual of a certain age exists is one thing. But knowing that they’re the one on the other side of the screen or counter is the key. Flexible age verification methods help you do just that without slowing down onboarding or checkout processes. Create decisioning workflows that really work without creating complications for your IT team.

Meet Age Regulatory Requirements No Matter Where You Do Business

Age requirements may seem simple, but if you do business worldwide, age assurance for your restricted products can get complex. Online age verification is an essential piece to COPPA and GDPR compliance and ESRB certification. Get compliant where you do business and dynamically set age thresholds based on customer location.

Build Better Age Verification

Let Veratad show you what rapid, flexible and integrated age verification can do for your business. Request your personalized demo today!

Age Verification: Frequently Asked Questions

Age verification is the process by which a company or institution ensures a person is as old as they say they are. This process is important for providers of age-restricted products or content.

Age verification can be done in many ways in person and online. The overall process for checking a person’s age online can be boiled down to checking a person is who they say they are and then validating the information provided by them.

Online identity verification allows companies or institutions to check user identity using digital tools. These include data from credit bureaus and motor vehicle departments, identity documents (e.g., driver’s licenses), facial biometrics, out-of-wallet challenge questions (aka KBA), and two-factor or multifactor authentication. ID verification providers like Veratad automate these workflows, ensuring users can prove their identity with minimal hassle.

Every situation is different, so there is no single best way to verify age. When stakes are relatively low, simple checks can suffice. In business- or mission-critical situations, however, multiple layers of surety and security are required, leading to more robust age assurance processes. Ultimately, the “best way to verify age” is the way that fits with the need at hand.

Every app, store or company makes its own age verification processes. This is typically built in to a sign up or purchase process. There is no single place to call to “verify your identity online.”

If you run into age verification problems online, we recommend you contact the customer service line of the business or organization you’re dealing with.

Businesses can request a demo of Veratad’s age verification platforms here. If you’re an individual who needs help verifying your age, please contact the company whose products or services you are trying to access.

If you’re having trouble verifying your age on any site, we recommend that you contact the customer service line of the site you are trying to verify your age on. Veratad builds age verification solutions for companies. We do not solve age verification issues for individuals trying to access a site.