Fraud Prevention Solutions

Fight fraud, manage risk and streamline onboarding with AI-enable fraud detection powered by the IDresponse℠ Platform from Veratad.

Sophisticated Fraud Prevention

Online sellers and financial institutions need a flexible way to protect consumers and prevent fraud. Especially as fraudulent actors become more sophisticated. Veratad’s IDresponseSM Platform helps you detect and prevent fraudulent activity before it can harm your business. Our solutions complement your fraud prevention efforts by leveraging machine learning technology and special data elements from online transactions.

Seamless User Experience

Our fraud prevention solutions create intelligent friction so you can earn your customers’ trust and reduce transaction abandonment. Our databases foster a trusting relationship between you and your customers while adding barriers to a fraudster’s transactions.

Frictionless UX

Reduce Risk of Fraud & Chargebacks

Added layers of security will help your organization reduce chargebacks, detect fraudulent activity and accept more profitable business online.

Calculate Risk with Enhanced Data Points

Our fraud-fighting databases consist of more than just names, addresses and IP addresses. We compare your customers’ profiles against our databases to predict and prevent fraud for both customer onboarding and account takeovers.

The enhanced data points we use to calculate risk include:

Email analysis

Email Analysis

IP Location and User Address Comparison

Device and identity association

Device and Identity Association

Similar identity seen short timeframe

Similar Identity Seen in Short Timeframe

Shipping methods and address formats

Shipping Methods and Address Formats

We also have a proprietary privacy tool that prompts customers to verify their identity by completing a mathematical equation based on their SSN. By adding flexibility to your transactions, we deliver the same trust that’s gained from receiving an SSN while easing customer friction.

Start Verifying Your Customers

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