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IDMatch+Plus is Veratad’s IDMatchSM identity verification solution with our Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) multiple choice questions as an added layer of security. Our out-of-wallet challenge questions are non-intrusive and easily deployed when you need an enhanced authentication solution.

Veratad’s identity verification solutions responsibly compare an online visitor’s data entry against billions of records from multiple trusted data sources empowering you to verify customers are who they claim to be while protecting sensitive personal information.

Your results are based on information found in billions of public and nonpublic records. However, we don’t collect, store, or sell or share your customers’ personal data for any reason.

IDMatch+Plus Features & Benefits

Fully Configurable KBA Questions

Our Knowledge Based Authentication questions are designed to reduce transaction abandonment. In addition, they can also be used as intelligent friction that only deploys when further identity verification is needed based on your company’s unique requirements

KBA Designed for the End Users

We designed our products with your customers in mind. We created a seamless user experience with intelligent friction through out-of-wallet questions that help foster trust between you and your customer.

Reduces Risk of Fraud and Chargebacks

Our verification solutions add minimal friction to your existing onboarding process. This also allows you to create an extra layer of protection for your company while limiting barriers to customer onboarding or checkout through our KBA, AML and KYC solutions.

Name and Address to Verify (SSN not required)

Veratad’s advanced processing algorithm allows your team to verify an identity with as little as a full name and address. If the initial attempt to verify an individual fails, you have the option to deploy our dynamic KBA solution with.

Create Your Own Approval Rules

You can create your own verification rules specific to your company’s needs. In addition, you have our identity verification implementations team to guide your setup to follow identity verification and Knowledge Based Authentication best practices.

An Alternative to Collecting SSN

IDR Calc is our patented privacy tool that prompts your customers to complete a mathematical equation based on his or her SSN. This less invasive option still offers you the same trust that’s gained from receiving an SSN while easing customer friction.

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