2Factor Out-of-Band Authentication

2Factor Authentication

2Factor Authentication

PhoneMatch is Veratad’s 2Factor Out-of-Band authentication solution (powered by StrikeForce), delivers an affordable and flexible and 2Factor and Out-of-Band authentication for Banks, Corporations, Universities, Government agencies and Social Networking Websites.

PhoneMatch authenticates individuals and transactions in real-time and can be integrated into many types of environments such as remote access (VPN), domain access, website access, risk-mitigation and transaction-based systems. PhoneMatch can be managed on-premise or via our hosted cloud service.

In addition to authentication of users, networks and transactions, our 2Factor authentication redundancy feature minimizes password/device related help desk calls by providing users a backup authentication method.

Here’s a brief summary of features:

  • Multiple Out-of-Band authentication methods

  • Hard Token Supports

  • Soft Token OATH compliant–desktop and phone-based

  • Secures VPNs and Citrix networks

  • Secures Microsoft applications

  • Secures Web, SSO and Cloud applications

  • Transaction Verification

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