2Factor Out-of-band Authentication

PhoneMatch, Veratad’s Two Factor Out-of-band Authentication solution (powered by StrikeForce), delivers an affordable, flexible and redundant 2Factor and Out of Band Authentication for Banks, Corporations, Universities, Government agencies and Social Networking Websites.

2Factor Solution Summary

PhoneMatch authenticates individuals and transactions in real-time and can be integrated into many types of environments such as remote access (VPN), domain access, website access, risk-mitigation and transaction-based systems. PhoneMatch can be managed on-premise or via our hosted cloud service.

In addition to authentication of users, networks and transactions, our 2Factor authentication redundancy feature minimizes password/device related help desk calls by providing users a backup authentication method, this mission critical benefit delivers ROI the very first day the system is installed. Here is a brief summary of features:

  • Multiple Out-of-Band authentication methods
  • Hard Token Supports
  • Soft Token OATH compliant–desktop and phone based
  • Secures VPNs and Citrix networks
  • Secures Microsoft applications
  • Secures Web, SSO and Cloud applications
  • Transaction Verification

Out-of-Band Methodologies

  • Enter # when phone rings
  • Enter a PIN into phone
  • OTP is delivered on-screen, phone rings, user inputs OTP into phone
  • OTP is sent to a phone via SMS, OTP is entered online
  • OTP is delivered to phone via text to speech, OTP is entered online
  • OTP is sent via email, OTP is entered online

Token Methodologies

  • Hard Token
  • Key fob
  • USB Key
  • Wallet Card
  • Soft Token
  • iPhone/iPad
  • BlackBerry
  • Desktop, J2ME
Veratad’s two-factor authentication solution secures enterprise and consumer logins, protects access to corporate resources for employees and partners and can be used to authenticate transactions.

Here are a few examples of where 2Factor can be applied:

  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Online Banking
  • Financial Services
  • eCommerce
  • Online Gaming
  • Social Networks

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