October 8, 2019 | Veratad News

Veratad’s Tom Canfarotta to Participate as a Panelist at The Privacy + Security Forum

Veratad Technologies, LLC (www.veratad.com), a world-class provider of global age and identity verification solutions, announced today that they will participate as a Platinum Sponsor at the Online Lending Policy Summit to be held on October 23, 2019, in Washington, DC.

Now in its 4th year, the Summit has become a destination for regulatory thought leadership and industry best practice in marketplace lending. Over 300 attendees are expected at the 2019 event and that will feature some of the biggest names in marketplace lending and FinTech today.

“We’re pleased to be participating as a first-time sponsor for the Online Lending Policy Summit this year,” said Veratad CEO, John E. Ahrens. “This conference presents a unique opportunity for open dialogue between the public and private sectors allowing for candid discussions on best practices and emerging regulations related to online lending. As an identity verification solutions provider, we’re eager to join the Summit’s conversation and to network with regulatory and FinTech leaders in an effort to better understand their needs and challenges around KYC and AML compliance.”

Veratad’s IDresponse® suite of global verification and compliance solutions offer a powerful and innovative approach to knowing your online financial services customers. The Veratad suite includes age verification, identity verification, knowledge-based authentication and identity document verification with biometrics. Whether deployed as stand-alone or in combination, these technologies are all designed to increase profits, reduce costs, prevent fraud and enhance KYC and AML compliance efforts.

About the Summit

The Online Lending Policy Summit includes participants from across the online lending industry, including online lenders, academics, lawyers, banks, consumer advocates, services and regulatory agencies, amongst others. The 4th Annual Summit creates opportunities for responsible industry participants to share insights, propose standards and provide regulators and policymakers with consensus viewpoints on the regulation of online lending.

About Veratad

Veratad Technologies, LLC is a world-class provider of online age and identity verification services. FinTechs and Financial Institutions use Veratad’s suite of powerful, cloud-based verification technologies to reduce fraud and KYC/AML compliance risk while maximizing profit.

Veratad’s digital identity verification solutions are designed to verify an individual’s identity online while protecting sensitive personal data and promoting the highest level of consumer privacy.

Veratad is trusted by companies large and small to reduce the risk of fraud, fight chargebacks, comply with financial regulatory requirements, provide a safer online experience, and act with a greater sense of social responsibility.

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