April 6, 2020 | Veratad News

Veratad Waives Fees for Digital Healthcare & MedTech Providers During COVID-19 Outbreak

Veratad Technologies, a global provider of age and identity solutions, is waiving onboarding and subscription fees for healthcare and medical technology providers combating the COVID-19 crisis. All organizations that provide or assist in providing virtual care during the COVID-19 crisis are eligible to apply for no-cost implementation and a free subscription to Veratad’s identity verification platform through June 2020.

In addition, eligible organizations will receive “fast-track” platform onboarding, allowing them to streamline their verification processes as rapidly as possible.

Veratad’s identity verification platform combines hundreds of global data sources, document verification, out-of-wallet questions and AI-powered fraud signal detection. Highly flexible and easy to deploy, Veratad allows companies around the world to meet regulatory and ethical requirements around patient and customer identity.

“Virtual healthcare is an important tool in our fight against COVID-19,” says John E. Ahrens, CEO, Veratad Technologies, LLC. “It eases the burden on healthcare resources and minimizes in-person contact at a time when social distancing is critical. We’re happy to provide the use of our platform to those who make telehealth and telemedicine possible.”

About Veratad Technologies, LLC

Veratad Technologies, LLC is the leading provider of global age and identity solutions. Veratad makes high-end technology accessible with a full suite of trusted and highly flexible solutions. With Veratad, data, documents, out-of-wallet questions, mobile two-factor authentication and biometrics come together to solve the toughest identity problems. Privacy matters at Veratad. Our solutions verify age or identity in seconds while protecting sensitive personal data and promoting a high level of consumer privacy. Veratad’s goal is to keep our clients safe without losing focus on their goals of increasing profits, reducing costs, preventing fraud and enhancing compliance. For more information, visit https://veratad.com/.

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