Veratad for Marketing and Research

Marketing and Research firms understand that the quality of self reported data and identity information is essential to the success of their business. Their clients depend on the data results they provide to make critical business decisions…

Whether your company is large or small, we welcome an opportunity to share our expertise and solutions with you.


…that’s why some of the world’s largest market research firms and panel companies trust Veratad with the task of age and identity verification for their panel member engagement and data acquisition projects.

Why Choose Veratad?

Veratad’s age and identity verification solutions have been successfully deployed by a wide variety of Marking and Research firms of all sizes nationwide since 2006.

Veratad solutions can be integrated with existing systems to flag potentially inaccurate panelist information collected at the point of registration or after collection by automated batch process.

Veratad offers expanded age verification for U.S. citizens as well as for over 3 billion citizens in 170 countries.

Veratad’s extensive experience uniquly qualifies us to assist with campaign process design for verification

Veratad only provides verification based on trusted and verified data sources assuring you the highest result quality

Veratad places a high priority on privacy and a balance of both quality verification and desirable customer experience

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