Veratad for Healthcare

The growing use of Electronic Medical Records and efforts to proactively prevent Medical Identity Theft are causing new challenges for healthcare providers and patients nationwide…


…and the accuracy and protection of patient data while assuring that medical and healthcare services are provided only to authentic individuals is at the heart of this challenge.

Why Choose Veratad?

Veratad’s verification process has has been successfully deployed by Hospitals, Health Information Exchanges, Online Pharmacies, Software Providers for Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing Systems Nationwide.

Veratad solutions can be integrated with existing systems to proactively flag inaccurate patient information collected at the point of registration or at billing to avoid costly collection efforts and HIPAA violations.

Veratad is a pioneer in real-time, online, verification of patient name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number.

Veratad offers solutions to protect networks and patient online accounts with 2Factor Authentication.

Deployment of Vertad’s solutions will help you reduce the number of Patient Accounts referred to collection by exposing fraud and errors in patient information at point of registration.

Our solutions will help you accelerate the Revenue Cycle by ensuring accurate patient demographic information at the point of registration.

Veratad will help you reduce potential HIPPA violations by ensuring that patient billing statements are delivered to the correct address.

Veratad’s solutions will help reduce incidents of Medical Identity Theft and ensure that two Electronic Health Records are not mistakenly merged.

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