Veratad for eCommerce and Retail

The growing burden of compliance requirements and increasing costs associated with fraud are causing new challenges for online businesses and retailers around the globe…

Whether your company is large or small, we welcome an opportunity to share our expertise and solutions with you.

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…so, whether you conduct business in the virtual world or in person, Veratad’s innovative verification and compliance solutions provide a true balance between protecting your business against unauthorized, underage access and fraud, while minimizing online customer transaction abandonment.

Why Choose Veratad?

Our solutions are deployed by a wide variety of online and “brick and mortar” retail businesses including wine e-tailers, e-cigarettes, high valued items, online jewelry, auto dealers, equipment rentals, furniture, electronics, and mobile phones.

Veratad solutions provide a sub-second response that delivers a validation of customer name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number as well as an optional set of “knowledge based” challenge questions while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy.

Retailers extending credit have compliance obligations including FACTA and USA PATRIOT Act, “know your customer” (KYC). Veratad’s ID Verification solutions enhance compliance efforts while helping to prevent identity theft and fraud.

Veratad can offer unique solutions for ecommerce and retail organizations to protect their networks and online customer accounts with 2Factor Authentication deployable either in the cloud or in-house.

Is your business growing Internationally?Veratad verifies identity for U.S. citizens and for over 3 billion citizens in 170 countries.

Veratad is approved by many of the Merchant Banks requiring age and ID verification for the sale of age restricted products online.

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