Document verification with Veratad helps you verify more customers at high confidence levels.

Verify Documents
in an Instant

Companies that do business online need a way to protect themselves from fraud, liability and regulatory penalties. And while data validation and other methods are often effective, sometimes they’re not enough. Veratad’s document verification provides confident reads that verify documents in an instant. Use as a high-confidence, standalone method, or with other verification solutions.

Robust Document Verification

For businesses that require higher confidence levels or flexibility, Veratad’s document verification solutions provide secure and cost-effective document reads in an instant.

Instantly validate a customer’s document

Manage documents requiring review

Maintain an audit trail for compliance

Customers easily upload pictures of their relevant documents in the same browser tab, or snap pictures directly in the application. The images are uploaded to a secure portal where they can be reviewed and stored to maintain an audit trail for compliance purposes.

Reduce Rejected Transactions

Veratad’s API is COPPA and GDPR-compliant, ESRB-certified and designed to prevent underage access to age-restricted products. This helps you demonstrate the highest levels of compliance, due diligence and social responsibility to consumers, parents and law enforcement agencies.

Automated Document Validation

Manual document review drives up costs. Veratad’s automated document verification solutions verify document validity and subject identity in an instant. They also minimize the amount of manual intervention. This speeds up transactions, mitigates costs and provides a seamless user experience.

Start Verifying
Your Customers