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  • Veratad's verification solutions are offered ONLY to businesses. If you are an individual needing assistance with verification of your age or identity, please contact the business offering the product or service that required your verification.
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  • Reliable

    We’ve processed tens of millions of verifications and we’re proud of our 99.99 uptime record.

  • Scaleable

    Built by seasoned professionals, the system is designed to accommodate the growing needs of our clients.

  • Flexible

    Each of our clients has their own verification needs and IDresponseSM easily delivers disparate services while seamlessly managing changes in rules and environments.

  • Secure

    Backed by a state of the art network facility, our data center is monitored for physical security and performance 24/7/365.

The right technology makes a BIG difference…

Veratad’s Suite of Identity Solutions are delivered by our state of the art IDresponse Processing Platforms.



AgeMatch is designed to protect children from unauthorized access to online age-restricted content and merchandise while protecting businesses from potential compliance liability.

AgeMatch responsibly compares an online visitor’s data entry against billions of records from multiple trusted data sources, empowering you to verify visitor age for 3+ billion citizens in 170+ countries. Using AgeMatch demonstrates the highest levels of compliance and social responsibility to consumers, parents, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies around the world.

ID Match


IDMatch uses multiple trusted and verified data sources containing billions of nonpublic and public records to return an identity validation of your online customer in real time while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy.

In addition to verification of name, address, DOB, and SSN, Veratad offers a suite of ID verification tools that include KBA, 2-Factor Authentication, and Location Verification; all can be implemented as a standalone solution, or as an additional layer of security to assure your customer is who they say they are.



D-CAMS (Document Capture and Management Service) provides a simple way for your online customers to upload a copy of a required document at the time of the transaction. Your team will have access to our management portal where they can review documents and manage communication with your customers.

D-CAMS+PlusSM can automate your document verification process. Our algorithms will compare the document templates and data to deliver a confidence score for each document. With this flexible solution, you can adjust what scores are considered allowable for the various online transactions.