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Case Study: The Value of Age Verification for

Premium Vape Supply’s Journey to Compliance and Social Responsibility with Veratad’s Age Verification Solutions

Back in August 2016, the FDA Deeming Rule went into effect and caused quite a stir among those selling e-cigarettes, cigars and hookah products online. The Rule brought e-cigarettes and vape products under the jurisdiction of the FDA by deeming them tobacco products. Companies offering these products online became subject to the Tobacco Control Act and the regulations under the FD&C Act – including the specific requirements to verify the age of customers.

As of August 2016, products offered on Premium Vape Supply’s platform were deemed as a tobacco product and therefore subject to FDA regulation. Premium Vape Supply made a decision early on to hold themselves to a higher standard regarding the minimum age required in order to purchase their products online.

Learn how Premium Vape Supply is able to achieve pass rates that are 48% above the average pass rate for age and document verification with minimal hassle for their customers.

Download the case study here.


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