April 23, 2018 | Veratad Blog | File under: Veratad Technologies Blog

Case Study: Vape Shop Site Customizations For CueVapor.com

IntuitSolutions and Veratad have partnered to bring mutual customers a compliance app for BigCommerce merchants who sell age-regulated products (like vapes, tobacco, and alcohol), allowing you to verify customer age quickly and seamlessly.

“CueVapor.com is a BigCommerce store that sells vapes and vape accessories. Since nicotine is an age-regulated product, CueVapor needed a way to check ID. We installed our integration with Veratad’s ID and age verification on their site. At checkout, it prompts the customer to enter either their birthday or SSN.”

This case study takes you through CueVapor’s customer journey through the checkout process online and brilliantly highlights their use of Veratad’s AgeMatchSM solution through IntruitSolution’s custom app for Veratad’s Integration with Bigcommerce.

Read the full case study here.

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