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Mobile ID World Interview

Interview: John E. Ahrens, CEO

“Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently interviewed John E. Ahrens, CEO of Veratad, a world-class provider of age and identity verification solutions. The conversation begins with discussion of the company’s origins involving the convergence of online banking and payments with age verification technology.”

Read the full interview here.

Interview: Mallory Evron, Marketing Manager

Our Marketing Manager, Mallory Evron, was interviewed at the KNOW Identity 2018 Conference and featured in the conference highlight video.

Keep an eye out for her and the Veratad team at the 1:05 mark!

CueVapor Case Study

Case Study: Vape Shop Site Customizations For CueVapor

“ is a BigCommerce store that sells vapes and vape accessories. Since nicotine is an age-regulated product, CueVapor needed a way to check ID. We installed our integration with Veratad’s ID and age verification on their site. At checkout, it prompts the customer to enter either their birthday or SSN.”

Read the full case study here.


Vape Shop Apps & Add-ons for BigCommerce by IntuitSolutions

Veratad’s Age Verification solution is featured in IntuitSolutions’ compliance solutions and FDA regulations on the right way to sell vapes online that covers everything from age verification to shipping.

Read their suggestions here.

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Submission to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for the AssertID Application for Parental Consent Method

Letter from John Ahrens, Veratad CEO

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Submission to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for the TRUSTe Application for Modifications to Safe Harbor Program Requirements

Comments of The Pokémon Company International, Inc.

Pokemon Eyes

Niantic responds to Senate inquiry into Pokémon Go privacy

“Niantic explained that players under 13 are redirected to the company’s website when they register to play, where their parent must also register. Parents are asked to provide several details to verify their identity, including the sum of the first and last digit of their Social Security number, name, birth date, and physical address. The verification process is handled by a third-party vendor, Veratad, and Niantic says it doesn’t receive any of the parents’ verification information.”

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