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5 Sessions We’re Looking Forward To Attending at KNOW Identity 2018

5 Sessions We’re Looking Forward To Attending at KNOW Identity 2018 in Washington DC

The KNOW Identity Conference is in Washington D.C. just days away, we are pouring over the keynote sessions and the 30+ panel sessions that will showcase the latest insights on identity challenges to see which we want to attend. With experts from multiple disciplines, including CyberSecurity, Trust & Safety, and KYC and sessions featuring world-class speakers, it was hard to choose.

Here are some of the sessions that stood out to us.

1. Session: Trust: The Fundamental Currency of the Sharing Economy

When & Where: Monday, March 26th in the Keynote Room

Who: Nick Shapiro Global Head of Trust & Risk Management at Airbnb

In a nutshell: How is Airbnb is able to foster trust between people who’ve never met through online identity verification? Trust in traditional institutions like government, big business, the media, and even non-profits is at record lows. Yet, at the same time, Airbnb is helping build trust between people who’ve never met and empowering millions to travel the world or open up their homes to others. Hear how Airbnb approaches this immense challenge by leveraging technology, innovation, and maintaining a core focus on safety.

2.  Session: What is Your Personal Data Really Worth in the Age of AI?

When & Where: Monday, March 26th in the Red Room at  10:30 AM

Who: By  participants Laurent Ohana Managing Partner at Parkview TMB, Nick Grossman GM, Special Projects at Union Square Ventures, Rob Stone Founder/CEO at datavest Shane Green CEO (US) at

In a nutshell: What is the actual value of data about each of us in the digital world? Is it possible to determine specific financial value in areas such as personalized health, advertising, retail, investing, risk evaluation, and artificial intelligence? And will we, as producers of most of this data, ever be able to get our fair share of the economics? If so, how might that work?

3. Session: Is the Phone Number the new SSN?

When & Where: Monday, March 26th in the Red Room at 2:40 PM

Who: By panelists Toby Rush CEO at ZOLOZ, Snehal Desai Innovation Director, Advanced Research at USAA, Roger Entner Analyst and Founder at Recon Analytics Inc., Simon Wakely SVP of Cyber Security Solutions at G+D Mobile Security, Atreedev Banerjee COO at Danal Inc.

4. Session: Managing Trust in the Sharing Economy

When & Where: Tuesday, March 27th in the Blue Room at 10:30 AM

Who: By Panelists Ajay Yadav CEO at Roomi, Pam Dixon Executive Director at World Privacy Forum, Andreas Zodhiates Manager, Fraud, and Risk at Lyft, Lucien de Voux Director, Digital Economy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Alexander Martin CEO at AC Global Risk

In a nutshell: When connecting individuals in real life through our products, how do we ensure we’re facilitating their interactions both on platform and off in a way that ensures their trust not just of each other but also us? We’re responsible for not only the goods and services changing hands but also the payment information and other data that makes the transaction possible.

5. Session: Identity as the Foundation of Trust

When & Where: Tuesday, March 27th in the Blue Room at 11:40 AM

Who: By judges Bhumika Dadbhawala Head of Business Development at Drawbridge, William Summerlin CEO and Co-Founder at Pinn, Stephan Wolf CEO at Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), George Kurtyka Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase & Co., David Kelts Director & Architect at IDEMIA, Filip Verley Product Manager at Airbnb

In a nutshell: Trust is the foundation of any relationship – and essential to trust is the idea of identity. If one of the key enablers in the future digital economy will be trusted, how do we need to rethink the concept of identity?

6. (We like to over-deliver) Session: From Novelty To Necessity: Biometrics’ Rapid Evolution in the Mainstream

When & Where: Wednesday, March 28th in the Yellow Room at 10:30 AM

Who: By  Panelists David Benini VP, Marketing & Product at Aware, Inc., George Avetisov CEO & Co-Founder at HYPR Corp., Peter O’Neill President at FindBiometrics & Mobile ID World, Mark Clifton CEO / Founder at Princeton Identity, Inc.

In a nutshell: Gone are the days when a fingerprint reader on your smartphone marked you as an early adopter of new and exciting technology. Ubiquity has created a widespread familiarity with biometrics never seen before, which is having a ripple effect throughout the vertical markets. Beyond consumer tech, biometrics are changing finance, healthcare, border control, law enforcement, government applications, and much more. Join this expert panel of authentication and identity experts for a discussion about key concerns in the contemporary biometrics landscape as they relate to the current period of rapid evolution in strong authentication technology. Privacy controversies, cloud versus on-device authentication paradigms, markets on the verge of disruption, data breach prevention, the state of liveness detection, and more are on the table!

This information was originally posted by One World Identity on the agenda for the KNOW Identity 2018 Conference.

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